Celebrating Women: Local business woman that’s helped a number of advertising firms across country


Imagine growing up in a household where you were taught that your dreams and ideas can become reality. That was the case for a local business owner that created a program that has helped a number of advertising agencies in the country.
”I feel like if you see a way to be able to make something happen, you have a responsibility to make it happen.  What Natalie Linville-Mass says was missing in the advertising field was a program that included data for online, outdoor and publication buys throughout the media buying process.
Something her program, Media Link software, now offers.

What set the then ambitious 32 year old on the path of creator and businesswoman? Losing her job and the future of her clients. I felt compelled I felt a sense of responsibility that i need to make sure they had another option, says Linville-Mass.

After thinking of ways to fill the needs of her clients, Media link was started.
It not only offers a media buying system but its also a full service marketing firm.

My dad always asked for my opinion he wanted to know what I thought.

Linville-mass says her father is the one she credits with her ambition.Her father was a business owner and the two would often share ideas. A trait she now passes down to her own children and anyone else around her.

”It doesn’t matter what age you are it doesn’t matter where you come from, a good idea can come from anywhere.

She’s also filled another need in the quad cities area. Linville-Mass started an executive women’s group with local business owners designed for empowerment. 

Its very useful to us when we come together once a month. We have different topics that we talk about and it’s a good group of ladies, says owner of Regalia, Pat Jahn-Toliver.

Whether it be a business or an organization, Linville-Mass shares what she thinks will make anyone succeedBe brave and it will take you far.

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