The Quad Cities wouldn’t be the same without its award-winning minor league ballpark. 

From the beautiful Mississippi River backdrop to the green manicured field, Modern Woodmen Park has quite the view.

However, it doesn’t stay that way on its own and that’s where an unlikely team takes the field.

Head Groundskeeper Andrew Marking and his best buddy Chase start their day at 9 a.m. 

Chase was adopted by Andrew’s roommate Tyler last December from Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois. 

Since then, they’ve not only become roommates but also co-workers.

Andrew said it all started last winter.”We have a lot of geese that like to nest on the field, so when I first brought him down here, I was hoping he would chase off the geese.” 

That idea, however, didn’t quite work out as planned. Chase had other ideas.

Living up to his name, Chase started literally chasing Andrew as he mowed the field. 

“He started following me constantly up and down each stripe,” said Andrew. 

Since then, Chase and Andrew have become their own team.

“It gets a little lonely out here just being by yourself,” said Andrew, “So having man’s best friend jogging right next to you when you’re mowing or while I’m dragging the infield, it’s kind of nice.”