Cheers and jeers greet President Trump’s Iowa arrival


Ahead of President Trump’s arrival, a number of people gathered outside of the Northeast Iowa Community College.

While some were there to support the commander in chief, many voiced opposition.

The rally included farmers discussing the impact tariffs are having on farmers and small-town economies.

They said the issue isn’t one that is going to be fixed by the aid package announced this week but with free trade.

Some of those in attendance came all the way from Dixon, Illinois, saying President Trump’s policies on agriculture to immigration are hurting Americans.

Action For a Better Tomorrow Sauk Valley Sarah Bingaman said, “My first hope would be that he sees us and somewhere in his feeble little brain he understands that there are people who really despise him and despise his policies. We truly cannot abide.”

The protesters said they are also mobilizing people to get voters to the polls during the midterm elections

They told Local Four News, the hope is to see candidates opposing the President’s agenda get elected.

Bingaman “We needed to speak out, and we have been speaking out for the last year and a half. We have been marching; we have passed out over 10,000 American flags showing that we are the patriots.”

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