Christian Care gets new heating system

The folks at a local homeless shelter are feeling a lot warmer Saturday…
Christian Care got a new furnace after their old one failed last week.
They sent out a plea to help pay for $7,000 system, and a handful of companies chipped in, including Kale Heating and Cooling and Republic.
It was the men’s dorms that were without heat.
Staff say the furnace was fixed just in time.
“Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst day of the year so far. We might’ve had to have the guys come out and sleep in the dining room here, just because we have heat on this side of the building,” said Outreach Coordinator Pam Hauman. 
They weren’t expecting the unit to be installed for four to five days, but it got there in just two.
The crews who installed the unit today, all worked for free. 

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