Christmas morning fire kills 4 in Blue Grass

The mayor of Blue Grass said all four victims were adults

BLUE GRASS, Iowa - At a Christmas day church service in Blue Grass, Iowa, a prayer was said for a family of four killed in an early morning blaze. 

Blue Grass Mayor Tim Brandenburg said after the service, people came up to ask about the family -- one that he said had been in the community for a long time. 

"You got a town our size, most everybody knows everybody," Brandenburg said. "So it's a very heart-wrenching event to take place and deal with ... when you're dealing it on Christmas morning. That just makes the tragedy that much worse."

Police aren't releasing the names of the victims, but Brandenburg said they are all adults. 

The fire started around 12:30 a.m. on Monday, according to police. Three people died inside the house, but one person who escaped died later at the hospital. 

Brandenburg said the fire department is still investigating the incident and has not said what caused the blaze. 

Both the Blue Grass and Buffalo fire departments responded to the blaze. Brandenburg said for many of the firefighters, it was their first time seeing fatalities. 

"You could see the look on their face and talking with a few of them, they're distraught," he said. "Many of them have never seen death before. Twist that and encompass that it's a Christmas holiday, you know it all weighs on their minds."

Brandenburg said a chaplain was available to speak with the firefighters and the family of the victims. 

While Brandenburg emphasized he did not know what caused the fire in Blue Grass, he said now is the time of year that 

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