CitiBus introduces new fareboxes


The CitiBus transit system in Davenport introduced a new farebox on all their units Monday.

“This was chosen actually quite a while ago and it was just a process of doing the RFP, finding the right technology,” said Assistant Public Works Director Nicole Gleason.

The new fareboxes were manufactured by BEA Transit Technologies and will accept multiple forms of payment. Bills, coins, bus tokens, and old bus passes are some of the methods accepted. Another method that will soon be implemented in a smart card, which can be reloaded as needed. 

We have more than 100 cities without equipment, but this one we wanted to have all medias,” said CEO of BEA Transit Technologies Pedro Jimenez. “And have a possibility for the drivers to do an upgrade to more advanced media like contact-less, or even mobile applications, for fare, electronic fare medias.”

It will make payments easier on both riders and drivers. It will also make monitoring the bud system easier for the City of Davenport. 

“Which routes are being utilized the most, help us make better route decisions,” said Gleason, talking about the benefits.  “Another reason is security, it will help us a little better to know who’s on the bus, and also offers drivers a little bit easier mechanism to take the payment”

For BEA Transit Technologies, this is the first implementation of this model. Although they say it will be a transition, they are also confident in the simplicity.

“Every implementation, the way it starts, it is training for everybody,” said Jimenez. “So we have the help of the drivers, they are helping the passengers to understand what’s happening but the other thing is we really try to have an equipment that’s user friendly to use.”

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