Community Spotlight: Amelia Ghost Tours


Galena is a historic town with lots of charm and some haunted activity you probably didn’t know about.

“95% of the lead that was produced in the mines back in the 1800’s came from Galena,” said owner Amelia Wilson.

“Wherever you have mining you have accidents you have death you have people falling in the mines…so I think that draws some of the activity.”

Amelia’s Ghost Tours has been frightening tourists for almost a decade… with the stories of the Desoto House Hotel’s Lady in Black appearances and the infamous Ryan Mansion hauntings by the family.

“We take you all over town it’s about 10 miles…and always two locations where you get off the bus… see a little more in depth of the sites.”

“There’s always a tour guide on the back with you…”

 “And we bring the ghost equipment you see on ghost adventures an SP-11, K-2 meters, dowsing rods and we let you interact on the tours as well.”

I’m a believer in the supernatural, but I didn’t know a thing about ghost hunting or what happens on a ghost tour, so I tagged along.

Our tour guide Emma Wall shared a few haunting tales before we made our first stop at the City’s Old Cemetery.

We got off the bus, and Emma passed out EMF detectors.

And one of the people on the tour tried their hand at dowsing. Asking the spirit….

And things got real right away.

We all then went back on the bus and headed towards the Ryan Mansion.

When we got there, Emma took us upstairs to the most haunted room in the house. This is where Catherine Ryan, one of the family members died.

And as soon as we walked in, the EMF detectors started going off

Emma then handed me the dowsing rods. And I might have made contact with a spirit in the room.

Or I probably nervously swung the rods without knowing.

But again, we saw the EMF detectors light up and beep frequently when another person tried to make contact.

So skeptic or not, there’s only one way to find out by experiencing it yourself. That’s if, you’re up for it.

“We can’t guarantee anything because we don’t fake anything.”

Amelia’s Ghost Tours offers daily rides through some of the most historically haunted sights.

And the owner is going to be opening up a dinner theater in two months with a haunted twist to it.

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