If you’re looking for a fascinating place to stay the night, look no further than the Decker Hotel.

Opened in 1875, the Decker Hotel offers a unique experience that is different for every customer.

According to Business Owner Beth Sparby, there is something for everyone.

“Each room is different, from the flooring to the wallpaper, to the decor, I mean, it is kept with that decor of the building, but you can come in and experience, I mean, not just the same old, every room in a chain hotel, they’re all the same. Here you kind of get more of that home feeling, you know.”

The hotel was built in 1875 by James Decker.

A businessman from New York, Decker wanted to create a luxury hotel for the small, growing town of Maquoketa.

And yet despite its age, the hotel still stands proudly today.

According to Sparby, “So far, everybody has been so thrilled and happy to be here, they are amazed by the rooms, and they’re all different, you know, and how good the building is, still in shape and everything.”

Over the years, the hotel has undergone renovation, but still maintains a classic feel.

Its customers also tend to feel more like a community.

“We walk down here, and everyone’s gathering here in the evening, sometimes just talking. People who didn’t know each other, but by the time they leave, they do know each other. Because it just gives you that home feeling I think.”

And the hotel also attracts its fair share of attention for supernatural reasons.

“And of course we’ve had a couple of, I guess they’re called ghost hunters, come in and have done a few things, and that has brought some attention to the hotel. Everybody wants to stay in room 217 for some reason. And then in 327 and 328, I guess they’ve had sightings and action I guess.”