Community Spotlight: Diversity in Dining


From steak to sushi, there are a lot of places to choose from to satisfy your appetite around Galena.

Local 4’s James Sears reports on how everyone gets along.

Mexican, Italian, Japanese – there’s something for every taste in Galena.

Fred Grzeslo is chef and owner of Fritz and Frites.

He and his wife moved to Galena 13 years ago to fulfill a lifelong dream of opening a French bistro, and it’s become a destination in town for French-German cuisine.

“What I love about our location is we are the last commercial building on main street,” says Grzeslo. “We don’t have the foot traffic on like on the south end, so people find us out. It’s the foodies that come in here.”

Across the street, diners come in to Little Tokyo for a taste of the far east – sushi, sashimi, and hibachi. It’s been on Main Street for almost a decade.

The use of locally-sourced produce and meats is the big draw for One Eleven Main.

William Connor has been serving the American fare since it opened ten years ago.

“The food being fresh and from local providers is a big hook,” says Connor. “Now more than ever people want to know where their food came from – fresher not from a can, coming from closer not farther. It’s pretty huge for us.”

Those relatively newer restaurants compete for customers on the half-mile strip against the more established ones – like the popular Log Cabin Steakhouse.

“The place has been here since the 30s,” says Sam Rigopoulous. “Back then, there were no other restaurants, and it’s been same location for 80 years.”

But during tourist season, they all work together to make sure everyone gets a slice of the pie.

“People are able to try to drink here, eat at other place, then go try wine or pies or good breakfast or dinner here,” says Marija Maksimovic of Galena Brewing Co.

“It’s a nice little cultural mix here,” says Grzeslo “And it’s not competition.”

“Everybody’s friendly and likeable, easy to work with,” says Connor. “Business owners are the same with each other. Everyone learns to work together because if it benefits the town, it benefits all of us.”

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