Community Spotlight: Dixon Police Department


When Dixon police officer Lincoln Sharp isn’t busy patrolling the streets, you can find him on his phone sending out tweets. 

With more than 11,000 followers and a blue check mark by their handle, Dixon police officers are certified social media celebrities and residents are taking notice. 

“They’ll come up to us and go, ‘Oh, I love your Twitter account,'” Sharp said. “That’s what it’s about is just building that positive community relationship.” 

Sharp started the account three years ago and it continues to grow with the support of his superiors.

“They love it and they see the positive that it’s doing so you get a lot of support there,” he said. 

Their Twitter bio says it best: the account is meant to humanize the badge. 

“People can relate to it — see the human side of us,” Sharp said.

Their #TweetAlongs give civilians a glimpse into their work lives, but campaigns like their annual #OperationWaterGun give officers the chance to meet the people they serve in a unique way. 

“I probably think that’s the funnest, best thing we’ve done so far,” Sharp said.

Parents requests water guns fights for their kids and the officers are happy to oblige. 

“You’re getting the interaction with the community actually with it,” he said. “We’re still responding to calls, but we’re doing something like that for fun as well.” 

Sharp said the goal of their 12,000 tweets is to bring the people of Dixon together. 

“If the small little posts that they’re seeing on twitter is more apt for them to come forward to just say hi or if they have information about stuff — if that’s what can strengthen that then that’s what we’re going with it,” Sharp said.

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