Community Spotlight: Dixon Somkit Thai restaurant


Fine dining is not hard to find in Dixon, especially when Udi and her husband Sam moved from Thailand opening the only Thai restaurant you’ll find downtown on 1st Street .

“One thing when we opened the restaurant, Sam told the family the one thing he didn’t want was the prices to be too high, he wanted the prices low but really good quality food,” Kongpiam said.

Originally known as Touch of Thai, things quickly changed when Udi’s husband passed away.

“After my husband passed away Somkit or Sam, we wanted to do something to honor him so we named it Somkit because of him,” she said.

The two not only introduced Thai food to the Dixon community for the first time.

“We’ve seen so many kids and families that have come in and we’ve seen them when they get married, they come back, they celebrate with us and we get to see them experience sushi for the first time,” said assistant Manager Rachel Drew.

They also created a family legacy that would last for generations.

“We eat all day that is what our culture is all about..”

“I spend more time behind this sushi bar than i do in bed at home or relaxing.”

Jobo is the youngest and took on the responsibility as Sous Chef at Somkit, leaving people with just one question.

“A lot of people ask that same question, how do you manage to work with your family,” Yindeeroop said. “I still consider them my boss when I’m here at work but on the weekends when we’re off I go to their house to hang out with them as my sister in law, my brother, my nephew or my mom,” he said.

Not only has the Yindeeroop family brought a touch of Thai to the Dixon community but with the variety of food that they offer, they’ll keep you coming back wanting to try more; also making sure you always leave full.

“If you go to Thailand the first thing instead of asking how are you, they’ll ask you have you eaten yet? It’s a culture thing.”
“Every corner of the street has something, food cart, restaurant, 24/7,” Yindeeroop said. “When you get off work late, you can still find something to eat.”

A family style tradition you’ll only find in Dixon.

“The family extends further than blood,” general manager Elliot Ernst said. “I’m not exactly family but I really feel like I am,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been very blessed to be apart of this family.”

As customers became friends and friends turn into family..

“It’s a family restaurant but it’s also just a family.”

It’s the people that help keep Sam’s vision alive one meal at a time.

“It would make him extremely happy that we’re still here, working together and we’re happy.”

“As a boss they’re a great boss and as family I love them.” 

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