Community Spotlight: Galena Canning Company


“And it’s always been a staple and this store is probably the third largest hot sauce store in the country.’

The Galena Canning Company has endless rows with every type of dip, sauce or jam you can think of.

And Chef Ivo is the mad scientist behind all the signature flavors.

“We started with jams and jellies, then we came up with a product about 20 years ago that was our apple hickory bbq sauce and it’s our number one seller day in and day out. We can barely keep it in stock in the fall,” said Owner Chef Ivo.

But before all the success.

“The bed and breakfast business didn’t go as well for us so my wife and I decided. I should say I decided that I had this great idea to bring old fashioned canning.” “I grew up on it, my mother always made everything homemade so we started it.”

And the rest was history. It has grown into one of most recognized canning companies in the country.

“On the weekends, people wait in line to get in. We built a loyal following…now we’ve been around for over 25 years.”

It’s a must go-to spot in the small town of Galena.

Some of this stuff, may make your eyes pop like the adult humor on the labels, which we couldn’t really show on TV.

“I came up with a lot of those names from my shall we say challenging younger days as a chef and my six sense of humor.”

“Not all shall we say political correct, but yet people enjoy them.”

And will also make your tongue burn.

And you might want to bring along a gallon of water.

However, there are dozens of samples so you can test. Many of the sauces before you choose to buy them.

If you couldn’t find anything in Chef Ivo’s hot sauce store, you can always head across the street for something more sweet or savory at his second location.

“We diversified into mustards, we do a lot of infused oils and vinegars.” “I try to hit all sides of the spectrum because not everyone wants hot, sweet, smoky spicy, so we try to have everything from mild to wild.”

With so much to taste, you’re going to want to bring an appetite.

“They’re always looking for something new, a lot of times when you walk in the store, they’ll get their staple items, but then they’ll say Chef what do you got new, what’s this.”

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