Community Spotlight: Galena Center for the Arts


Our community spotlight tonight is on the arts in Galena.

The Galena Center for the Arts gives the young and old a chance to practice their craft.

This arts center came to life five years ago as part of the city’s Vision 2020 plan in a space that used to be a medical clinic next to the old galena hospital.

There are performances, and also art studios where locals can work and be part of an artist community – whether it’s painting, basketmaking, or embroidery.

Executive Director Carole Sullivan shows off the new Fiber Art exhibit.

The gallery here changes out every couple months.

“When the new work comes in, it’s like Christmas it’s wonderful. It’s hard to imagine five years ago that people would be bringing us work of this caliber, and it’s really exciting to see fine work come in, to see young people doing really good work, and older people as well, to see so many artists in the area.”

The center also offers a glimpse into Galena’s history back to the Civil War – that’s still being written to this day.

“When we put the picture up, a woman said that’s my great great grandfather, and she pulled out her cell phone with the same exact picture. The sign that originally said these men’s names and fates are unknown, now we know one of them at least.”

Sullivan says long term, she’d like to add a small full-time theater with a permanent resident company.

It’s all working toward the goal of the center to celebrate and elevate regional artists.

“We also feel really strongly that arts are good for the economy. The arts are good for education. It’s good for all of us and our minds, our hearts, and our souls.”

To learn more about the current and upcoming exhibits and workshops… click here.

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