Galva Arts Council President Stephanie Taylor said, “Creating Galva as kind of this hub for the arts that actually would draw people in that would never come to Galva for any other reason.”

For nearly three decades, the Galva Arts Council has added a flavor to this small community.

Taylor said, “It really kind of expands people’s horizons and shows you that you don’t have to drive super far away to experience those things.”

There’s artwork on walls of the Art Council during different showcases and pavement for the Fourth of July,

Taylor said, “Members of our community can paint a square on the basketball court in town that will be there all year, and they get to create whatever art they want.”

There’s music on the stage.

Taylor said “We had a traditional Mexican band that came in. We had Blues guitarists come in; we had country, we had hip-hop and funk. I mean things that you won’t normally see.”

While this community can be quickly divided by the pulse of trains running through its heart, President of the Arts Council, Stephanie Taylor said their efforts have also weaved a stronger community.

Taylor said,” It transcends political beliefs, art transcends ages, social, economic class. Art just brings it together.”

While the organization is known for events like their Coffee House Concert series, art shows and a community open mic for anyone to share their talent.

Taylor said, “We really try to get all members of the community involved in some way with experiencing art they not normally experience in a rural area.”

In 2018, they’ve also worked to grow.

Recently wrapping up summer art camp for kids and launching a new concert series with help from the Levitt Foundation.

All to showcase how a little country town can make it big.

Taylor said, “If you’ve got a piece of chalk, you can create art. If you’ve got a voice and nothing else, you can create art. You don’t need all the fancy equipment. You don’t need need to have anything other than what’s inside your heart.”

The return of the Coffee House Concert series will be Saturday, Oct. 13 at the Art Council building. It features Shawna Caspi, with it all kicking off at 7 p.m.