One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Jackson County has to offer is by floating the Maquoketa River.

That’s the thought behind one of Maquoketa’s fastest growing businesses, Maquoketa River Rental.

Owner Kevin Kuhlman sat down with Local 4’s Owen Hoke to share his story.

“As a kid growing up here, I thought back to we’d go inner tubing. We’d just go down to Law Tire down there and get some inner tubes, and tie them together and float the river.”

That memory inspired Kevin. 

After being elected to Maquoketa City Council, he wanted to know how he could help his fellow citizens.

“After the election, I started reaching out to people, kind of talking to them like, what did they want to do in Maquoketa, what did they want to see? And so after talking to people, a lot of people said that they wanted to start having fun in Maquoketa again.”

 And what better way to have fun than to relax in the beauty around him?

“As I was floating the river, I noticed a lot of bald eagles nests, I noticed pelicans, you’ve got frogs, It’s funny, some of the kids, there’s these little clams they bring back, like half clam shells or whatever, and some of them put them up to their ear to hear the ocean, and so on and so forth, some of the stuff I used to do as a kid.”

In speaking with Kevin, it’s easy to see just how much he loves what he does.

“It’s fun to see the people come off the river, it’s fun to know that Maquoketa as a city wants them to start having fun again. We’re 3 years into it, and I couldn’t be happier. “