Community Spotlight: Next Picture Show


“I think we’ve got a gem that a lot of people don’t know in our community.”

The Next Picture Show in Dixon might be deceiving from the outside, looking like your traditional theater.

“When they walk in the door for the first time you get the oh wow I didn’t know this was here,” said Executive Director Michael Glenn.

But on the inside are several pieces of artwork waiting to paint a picture in your imagination. 

“Here we have small quality pieces, this is a lady from Iowa.”

Filled with rich history, the community art center has been around since 2004 in a renovated building that goes back to 1854.

“The flooring, the atmosphere that’s perfect for creating that art atmosphere,” Glenn said.

From paintings to photography.
There are art pieces from around the United States and across the Midwest region that will have you fully immersed in thought or simply inspired.

“I know people that will come in here and take a quick coffee break or they take a lunch break just wanting that good feeling of getting away from the workload,” said Glenn.

All designed by people with different stories to tell, bringing back an art culture into the community.

“We want to let the artist be free and find a home,” said Glenn. “Sometimes there are many artists that don’t know what they can do with their art,” he said. “Is there a place where they can put it on a wall and show it off to people and express themselves in a free and open way and be accepted.”

Not only is the Next Picture Show a place where you can come and enjoy art, but it’s also a place where you can come unwind, have a seat and just let your imagination run wild.

A place you can’t just pick one favorite.

“You can identify with something in so many different ways and you don’t know until you walk in and something can just grab and pull at your heart and just give you that warm experience like nothing else,” said Glenn.

The Next Picture Show is open and offers art classes to people of all ages.

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