Community Spotlight: Rosbrook Studio


“People who stumble upon it are definitely, pleasantly surprised at what’s up the 21 steps.”

It’s a place you might miss as you stroll the streets of Dixon.
But up the 21 steps is more than what meets the eye.

“It’s a creative space where we co create with the community.”

Rosbrook Studio sits near the intersection of 1st Street and Peoria Avenue
Once a dance hall, it’s also a 150 year old building filled with rich history, art, music and culture.

“It’s like secret clubhouse meets your living room, meets concert hall.”
“It’s a place with a great vibe of days gone by, musicians and ghosts that might be hanging around enjoying it with us.”

It’s run by a team of volunteers in which Kathy Cecchetti is apart of. 

“My heart is attached to Rosbrook just because the creative nature of the project it just really close to my heart,” said Cecchetti.

Cecchetti has performed at Rosbrook herself, recalling other musicians who have stepped foot in the hidden space like The Mumford and Sons, Lillie Mae Rische who performs with Jack White and many others from across the region.

“We’re really proud to have a place where people who are honing their craft of music or art can come and develop by way of being on our stage at the open mic and eventually being apart of a ticketed show,” Cecchetti said.

It’s a space where people are able to share their talents with the community.

“Dixon is kind of bubbling up with art and culture.”
“All of us work together to create that culture in our town and so Rosbrook Studio fits into that,” Cecchetti said.

But you might miss it if you don’t stop to pay attention.

“There’s a nice ambiance, a romantic vibe to go up the steps in the secret doorway up to Rosbrook Studios,” Cecchetti said.

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