CONFIRMED: -33° is now the coldest temperature ever in the Quad Cities

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8 a.m. update – It is now officially confirmed that temperatures did in fact drop down to -33° for a period of time overnight making it the coldest temperature ever for January 31st and also the coldest temperature of all-time as far back as records go in the Quad Cities. We missed the record for the coldest temperature ever in Illinois by only 3°, that still belongs to Congerville, IL, with a reading of -36° in January of 1999.


4 a.m. update – Temperatures dropped down to -31° according to the sensor at the Quad City Airport and have been there for the past two hours.

If this is true, this is the first time since climate records began in 1872 that the Quad Cities has dropped down into the -30s. The meteorologists at the National Weather Service will be doing a full investigation of the sensor at the airport to make sure it’s accurate. It’s confident that the record broke at -29° but it will be confirmed later how cold it actually got. 

1 a.m. update – After plummeting to -29° at 11:19 p.m. we recovered back to -24° for a little bit.  Now though, we’re right back down to -29° as of 1 a.m.  Our low tonight could easily end up at -30° or colder!  

Previous post – We’ve been talking about the potential for the last week or so, and we just did it.  We broke the record for the coldest temperature of any day, any month, any year in the Quad Cities!

As predicted, the temperature fell to -29° before climbing back up to -24° for the midnight reading!

The old mark was -28° on February 3rd, 1996.  

We dipped below that at the official site for Quad Cities weather and climate stats.

We were close at 10 p.m. when the temperature dropped to -27°.

Now, it happened!

This is on top of the 2nd coldest wind chill ever early Wednesday morning when it felt like it was -52° in the Quad Cities.  

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