Confusion over Rock Island County Courthouse demolition permit

LIVE at 6: Confusion over Rock Island County Courthouse demolition permit

The fate of the Rock Island County Courthouse seems to be sealed, but now the question is who will issue the demolition permit. 

Rock Island City Manager Randy Tweet said usually the city would have to issue a permit to demolish a building within city limits, but he’s been told there’s a possible state statute that would allow the county to issue one itself. 

“If we see that information, our city attorney will take a look at it and we’ll go from there,” Tweet said.

However, Rock Island County Administrator Jim Snider told Local 4 News he could not comment on the permit because it is a city issue. 

Tweet also said the county has not applied for a permit yet, but if they did the application would also have to include a stormwater permit — which is required by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

“For the city to issue a permit all the paperwork needs to be in order,” Tweet said. “That’s the same whether it’s at the courthouse or, you know, whether you’re doing work or demolishing your house or I was doing the same thing. We just need to make sure all the paperwork’s in order prior to issuing a permit.”

Local 4 News also reached out to the Rock Island County State’s Attorney for comment, but did not receive a response.

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