Over the weekend residents found controversial flyers placed on their car windshields in the parking lot of Menard’s on Brady street. More were found posted throughout a neighborhood near the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. 
For the Metropolitan Community Church, those flyers appeared too close to home.
“It’s still a little bit shocking that it’s in my own backyard,” Reverend Richard Hendricks said. “I mean they flyered a neighborhood that’s quite near my church.”
Rabbi Henry Karp was disappointed to see the flyers, but says this isn’t the first incident he’s seen.
“I was outraged, I was disgusted, and I was not surprised.” 
The group listed on the flyers is called the “National Alliance” a supremacy group with members across the country. 
Here in the Quad Cities, some neighbors are saying action needs to be taken against these messages.
“Ours is not a community that fosters hate, or encourages hate or welcomes those who hate,” Rabbi Karp said.
Both Rabbi Karp and Reverend Hendricks are part of a local group called “One Human Family.” The group aims to promote inclusion, and curb hateful behavior. 
In response to the recent flyers, they’ve decided to host a “No Hate” rally in Davenport next week.
“That’s what one human family is all about…that we are one human family, there is no ‘other.'” said Hendricks. 
The group says they’ve noticed an increase in similar incidents in recent months, but that seeing it in the neighborhood is unusual.
One Human Family has created yard signs for the public, and encourages Quad Cities residents to speak up and report future incidents.
“Don’t stand silent, speak up….silence is our worst enemy,” said Rabbi Karp.
The rally will take place Wednesday, August 16 at Vanderveer Park in Davenport. The group will meet at the fountain at 12:15 and all who are interested are welcome.