UPDATE: Two Davenport suspects are in custody after a woman was seriously injured in a violent incident police say involved a robbery and kidnapping Thursday at Wide River Winery, 1128 Mound St., in the Village of East Davenport.

Shortly after 5:30 p.m., Davenport Police responded to the winery for a report of a man physically assaulting a woman inside the business, according to a news release from Davenport Police.

Davenport Police have set up crime-scene tape in the area of Wide River Winery in the Village of East Davenport. (photo by Mike Colón.)

Officers found a woman who suffered serious injuries along with two suspects who were trying to leave the scene, according to the release. Officers quickly apprehended both suspects, the release says.

The injured woman was transported by Medic EMS to a Genesis Medical Center for treatment, the release says.

The suspects later were identified as 38-year-old Christopher Mitchell and 20-year-old Emilee Haberling. They entered the business, demanded money from and began to physically assault an employee while they physically prevented her from leaving the business and from calling 9-1-1, according to arrest affidavits and the release.

“I’ll kill you” – a violent attack

The two suspects entered the business, punched the victim – an employee – in the face, slammed her head on the ground and dragged her by her hair to the cash register. Mitchell demanded the victim open the cash register and he took money from the drawer, arrest affidavits say.

The suspects kept the victim crawling on the floor on her hands and knees, and held her by her hair while they continued to assault her by punching her in the head and slamming her head into the floor. Mitchell choked her with both hands and stopped her from breathing at various times, affidavits say.

Haberling took the victim’s cell phone from her hand, smashed it on the ground and disabled it, which prevented the victim from calling 911.

Mitchell demanded to know where the camera surveillance system and video recordings were located. The victim heard Mitchell tell Haberling he was giving her a knife and said, “If she tries to get away, stab her.” The suspects continued to assault the victim throughout the incident while moving her throughout the business, and not allowing her to leave, affidavits say.

While Mitchell checked for the surveillance system, Haberling held the victim on the ground. Mitchell returned and said, “I’ll rape you, I’ll kill you, I’ll do what I want, I have a knife.” He left again and gave Haberling a knife, and said, “Here’s my knife, stab the b—-,” affidavits say.

The victim was able to throw a chair to escape the business and the suspects ran after her to stop her. They physically pulled her back in the building, but she was able to get away as she heard police sirens nearing the scene, affidavits say.

A witness saw part of the incident and called 911. As police officers arrived, officers saw the injured victim run out of the business. She said the suspects were inside. The suspects were located inside the business as the only occupants, arrest affidavits say.

The suspects were uncooperative, and resisted being arrested by ignoring officers’ commands and pulling away. Officers had to use physical force, including a taser deployment, to make the arrests, affidavits say.

During a search of Mitchell’s person, officers found about $317 in cash in his sweatshirt pocket with some of the money wrapped in money bands and consistent with the amount stolen during the robbery. Both suspects refused to identify themselves.

The victim was transported to a hospital with visible injuries including bruising to both eyes, a cut on her tongue, a left orbital fracture, broken clavicle and bleeding/bruising to the right side of her face, arrest affidavits say.

Davenport Police have set up crime-scene tape in the area of Wide River Winery in the Village of East Davenport. (photo by Mike Colón.)
Haberling, left, and Mitchell (photos from Scott County Jail inmate listing.)

Haberling faces charges of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery, first-degree theft, obstructing 9-1-1, interference with official acts, and harassment of public officers and employees.

Mitchell faces charges of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery, interference with official acts, and harassment of public officers and employees.

Both are set to appear May 6 in Scott County Court, court records say.

The incident remains under investigation. The suspects are being held in Scott County Jail.

EARLIER: A man and woman are in custody and a woman has been transported from the scene in an ambulance after an incident Thursday at Wide River Winery on the 1100 block of Mound Street in the Village of East Davenport.

Medics treated a woman with apparent blood on her shirt while Davenport Police used crime-scene tape around the area after an incident that began shortly before 6 p.m.

Seven squad cars are at the scene, where detectives have arrived. Our Local 4 News crew saw officers search the man and woman in custody.

Crime-scene technicians took photos of the man’s hands as well as the inside of the winery.

Local 4 News and www.ourquadcities.com will stay in contact with police to provide details as soon as possible.