After police say he stole a gun and nine American Bully puppies, a 20-year-old Davenport man is behind bars.

Carlos Byrd Jr. faces felony charges of first-degree robbery, control of a firearm by a felon, second-degree theft, assault while participating in a felony, used or expired drug-tax stamp and controlled substance violation, court records say.

Carlos Byrd Jr. (photo from Scott County Jail inmate listing.)

A stolen gun, suspects in ski masks, stolen puppies

On June 7, a woman reported her Taurus 9mm pistol had been stolen from her black 2013 Kia Forte. The gun had a tan slide with a black frame. Byrd Jr. was listed as the suspect in this case, affidavits say. During the theft, it was reported Byrd Jr. had broken the windshield.

Byrd Jr. later was “developed as a suspect” in a home invasion/robbery on the 3100 block of 18th street, Bettendorf, on the early morning of June 19.

He and one of the victims of the robbery know each other, affidavits say.

The chain of events

June 15

The investigation revealed that on June 15, Byrd Jr. provided a victim with a ride to a vet clinic. He was driving a black 2013 Kia Forte, affidavits say.

The victim described the Kia as having a broken windshield. This was confirmed by video evidence, affidavits say.

June 18

On June 18, shortly after 7:30 p.m., Byrd Jr. came to the 3100 block of 18th Street in a black 2013 Kia Forte with a broken windshield. Another man was with him, affidavits say.

The victim told Byrd Jr. and the second person to leave the property immediately. City of Bettendorf traffic cameras confirm the black Kia Forte entered and departed the area of the victim’s residence in a short period of time, affidavits say.

June 19

Shortly after 12:30 a.m. June 19, a victim reported an armed robbery and home invasion on the 3100 block of 18th Street. A victim said he was downstairs when a man came to the basement armed with a handgun.

The suspect was described as heavy set, wearing a black ski mask, affidavits say. A struggle ensued and the victim was struck in the head with a pistol that the victim described as a Taurus 9mm with a distinctive tan slide.

Byrd Jr., along with a second suspect, led the victim to the upstairs bedroom at gunpoint. Both suspects wore black ski masks, affidavits say.

The victim was forced to lie face down as the defendant removed six American Bully puppies from a bedroom. During the commission of this crime, the suspects removed the victim’s Apple watch and stole his iPhone, affidavits say.

The victim then was led to the garage at gunpoint, and forced to load three additional American Bully puppies into a black passenger car. The victim described the vehicle as having a broken windshield.

The suspects then left. The dogs were valued by the victim at $8,000 each, affidavits say. The total value of what was stolen was about $55,000, affidavits say.

The victim’s cell phone was found about three blocks to the south. Byrd Jr. fit the victim’s description.

A search of City of Bettendorf traffic cameras shows the 2013 Kia Forte enter into the city at 11:54 p.m. On the video, the vehicle travels northbound on 18th street from Spruce Hills Drive in a direction toward the victim’s residence about three blocks away, affidavits say.

June 27

On June 27, Byrd Jr. was taken into custody at Walmart, 3101 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, for outstanding probation warrants.

The defendant was in possession of the Taurus 9mm handgun reported stolen on June 7. The gun had a tan slide and black frame. Byrd Jr. has a felony conviction from Scott County with a disposition date of May 19, 2018, affidavits say.

At the time of his arrest, Byrd Jr. was wearing a black ski mask and had a second black ski mask in his back pocket, affidavits say.

After he was read his Miranda Rights, Byrd Jr. admitted he had marijuana inside the black 2013 Kia Forte. A search warrant was conducted on the vehicle, where officers found a small backpack containing 117 grams total packaged weight of marijuana packaged for sale and a digital scale. There was no Iowa drug tax stamp affixed to the marijuana, affidavits say.

Byrd Jr. admitted to providing a victim a ride and being at the residence just hours before the robbery, but denied being in Bettendorf before, during, or after the robbery, affidavits say.

Byrd Jr., who is being held on a total $62,000 cash-only bond in Scott County jail, is set for a preliminary hearing on July 8 in Scott County Court.