A Bettendorf couple is warning their community to be on the lookout after their home was burglarized while they were asleep.

James and E.D. Boddie, along with their 4-year-old daughter, live near the intersection of Utica Ridge Road and Tanglefoot Lane in Bettendorf, an area they consider rather safe from crime. That perspective changed mid-July when James walked downstairs one morning to a nearly empty room and realized their house had been burglarized overnight.

“As I went downstairs, I realized that much of our stuff was missing,” James said. “Our guitars, all of our gaming consoles…”

After they acquired surveillance footage from their neighbors who have cameras, the Boddies saw on video two men wearing hoodies and masks break into their basement in the middle of the night, then take off with their valuables.

“They crawled underneath our basement porch while we were sleeping,” James said. “It’s even scarier knowing we were at home when it happened.”

“It’s Bettendorf. You don’t expect it from Bettendorf,” E.D. said. “Not only that, we live on a very busy street.”

Some of the items the Boddie family lost include gaming consoles and guitars. One instrument – a Gibson Les Paul guitar – was one of James’ prized possessions. But other items they lost were priceless, including a hard drive full of photos and videos.

“It has all of our daughter’s birth photos, first walking videos … everything. It’s got everything on there,” E.D. said.

The Boddies spent weeks trying to learn more about the burglars and get their items back. One day, James had an unexpected encounter.

“I was just going around to different pawn shops and Guitar Centers and guitar shops looking for my Gibson Les Paul,” James said. “While I was at Guitar Center, I actually ran into them there, holding my guitar, trying to sell it.”

Thinking quickly, James snapped photos of the burglars with his guitar, and shared them with police. It led to him getting his guitars back, as well as one of their gaming consoles. But weeks later, some items are still nowhere to be found, motivating the Boddies to warn the rest of the Quad Cities about their experience.

“Check your windows. Check your doors before bed,” E.D. said. “I would always advise getting a security system, which we have actually done.”