The Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s Office has sent an update about progress in its heavy criminal case load.

“Now that our courtrooms are fully opened and we begin to catch up from COVID-related delays, we would like to share with our community some of the numbers we have compiled in 2022,” a news release says.

During the first half of 2022, “We have secured over 398 felony convictions through both trials and pleas,” the release says. Of those, 45 have been related to murders, attempted murders and firearms offenses.

“Our commitment to public safety is paramount,” the release says. “Our office is currently working diligently on the 21 current pending murder cases that have been brought to use by local law enforcement within Rock Island County,” the release says.

In 2021, the office had 28 pending murder cases, “and we are catching up and making further progress daily in 2022.”

“Our office would like to thank local law enforcement for the excellent work they are doing to help bring offenders to justice. Our strong partnership shows in the strong conviction rates we have had in 2022. Our office would also like to thank the Rock Island County Board for their strong support and their willingness to allocate ARPA funds to help us add additional positions within our office.”

“The support we have received from the Rock Island County Board has helped us maintain the highest level of service to the community we serve,” the release says.