A 59-year-old Moline man who owns a Quad-City mattress company faces multiple charges – including tampering with a juror – after he was arrested on a Scott County warrant.

John Wheatley is the owner/operator of L&W Bedding, with businesses in Moline and Bettendorf, according to the company’s website. He faces felony charges of suborning perjury and conspiracy to commit a non-forcible felony; four aggravated misdemeanor counts of tampering with a witness or juror; and a charge of conspiracy to commit an aggravated misdemeanor, which is an aggravated misdemeanor.

John Wheatley (photo from Scott County Jail inmate listing.)

Whoever “procures” another to commit perjury is guilty of subornation of perjury.

According to arrest affidavits and the Scott County State’s Attorney’s Office, from May 10 to May 12, Wheatley offered $5,000 in cash and material items to a victim for her to lie to prosecutors at a trial in which the victim and a co-defendant were involved.

Wheatley’s co-defendant is Michael Alan Cruzen, according to the Scott County State’s Attorney’s office.

Wheatley offered “goods and money” for the victim to not come to court to testify in an upcoming trial involving Cruzen, arrest affidavits say. Wheatley told the victim to “come in and pick up a mattress, as he (Cruzen) is paying for it.” Wheatley said he was acting on Cruzen’s behalf, affidavits say.

Wheatley, arrest affidavits say, conspired with Cruzen to make offers of $5,000 cash and a new mattress for the victim to drop charges in a criminal case against Cruzen.

“If he gave you 5 grand would that do the trick?” Wheatley said, according to arrest affidavits. Wheatley said he was acting on behalf of Cruzen.

Criminal complaints have been filed against Cruzen for suborning perjury, witness tampering, conspiracy to commit a non-forcible felony and conspiracy to commit an aggravated misdemeanor.

Wheatley, who was released on bond, is set for arraignment June 23 in Scott County Court.

We do not know details of the trial in which Cruzen and the victim were involved. Local 4 News and www.ourquadcities.com will continue to follow the case.