A 24-year-old Davenport man was released on bond after Davenport Police allege he earlier hanged a dog, which later was found in a freezer.

Noah House faces an aggravated misdemeanor charge of animal torture – first offense, court records say.

Noah House (Scott County Jail)

On Monday, Davenport Police started an investigation at a residence on the 200 block of South Lincoln Avenue, Davenport, arrest affidavits show.

Police allege House “did willfully inflict death upon a 5-year-old dog inside of the residence by hanging the dog in a sadistic manner by its collar until it died. (House) “did then place the dog in a garbage bag and placed it in a freezer inside of the home.”

Detectives recovered the deceased animal Monday, affidavits say.

House, who was released on $2,000 bond, is set to appear Tuesday in Scott County Court.

A person is guilty of animal torture if the person intentionally or knowingly inflicts on an animal severe and prolonged or repeated physical pain that causes the animal’s serious injury or death, according to Iowa law. In Iowa, the maximum penalty for someone convicted of an aggravated misdemeanor is imprisonment of no more than two years.