Henry Dinkins, the suspect in the death of 10-year-old Breasia Terrell of Davenport, has written a letter to the judge who is set to deliver a verdict Friday in the case.

Dinkina, 51, faces charges of murder and kidnapping in the 2020 death of Breasia Terrell. Judge Henry Latham presided in a bench trial after Dinkins waived his right to a jury trial 9 (in a bench trial, the judge makes the decisions as opposed to a jury trial, where jurors make the decisions.) Testimony in the trial ended Aug. 29 in Scott County Court after 14 days of testimony. Dinkins and his family maintain his innocence.

Breasia Terrell

Read the letter here:

In the letter dated Sept. 4, Dinkins says he writes with urgency “that the state has used deception and sabotaged this whole case to fit their opinion of a theory.”

He says he can prove, if given the opportunity, the state’s “lack of honesty to the courts and the public.”

He lists legal rules he says the state did not follow, including “failure to make disclosure or discovery” and “disclosure of expert testimony and evidence,” saying the defense did not have access to some evidence.

“I would have to say Judge Latham that the state didn’t provide at least 50 percent of those exhibits until the day of the trial and there are still others the state haven’t provided to us the defendant,” Dinkins writes.

“If giving the opportunity to provide this on the records, I can show the deception and how they sabotage a lot in this case. I showed you already where the state moved exhibits to fit their story in trial; I have plenty more to show you and the public those exhibits was also giving to use during trial not before,” Dinkins writes.

Latham is set to give the verdict Friday morning in Scott County Court.