A former Clinton High School para-educator has pleaded guilty to two felony counts of sexual exploitation by a school employee in a case that dates back to 2019.

A plea agreement was filed last week in Clinton County Court by David Chad Baker, 46. Each charge is a Class D felony, which, in Iowa, can bring up to five years in prison along with a fine.

David Chad Baker (contributed photo)


On March 12, 2020, a school resource officer was working at Clinton High School (CHS) when he had contact with the parent of a 17-year-old CHS student. The parent told him that Baker, a substitute (para) teacher at CHS, contacted her juvenile child in an inappropriate way, affidavits say.

The parent said Baker sent naked pictures of himself to the student a few months prior., affidavits say.

Baker agreed to speak to the officer and said he had contact with the student on the website Grindr in December of 2019. Baker said there was a conversation between him and the student on the site, affidavits say.

Baker said he sent nude pictures of himself to the student through Grindr. Baker stated he never had direct contact with the 17-year-old student. Baker, who said he never hid his age, said he initiated the conversation with the 17-year-old. Baker said he asked whether the student was under 18, and the student never responded, according to affidavits.


On March 16, 2020, a follow up interview was made with Baker, who was read his Miranda Rights, which he waived, affidavits say.

Baker said he got on the Grindr website while working in St Louis, Missouri, as a barge captain.

Victim 2 said nude photos were exchanged between the two. Victim 2 said contact continued with Baker through Snapchat. Victim 2 said Baker provided the student with a prepaid phone to continue contact. Victim 2 showed the school resource officer the phone with an account, which appeared to have been opened around Feb. 18, 2020, affidavits say.

A check of messages on the phone showed conversations between Victim 2 and a phone number known to be Baker’s which began on Feb. 18, 2020, affidavits say.

A check of Clinton Community School District records showed David Chad Baker was hired as a long-term para from Nov. 12, 2019, with his last day of work on April 14, 2020, affidavits say.

Baker is set for sentencing Sept. 1, court records say.