A 46-year-old former para-educator and Scoutmaster, who was sentenced to a total of 10 years on sex-abuse charges, has filed a notice of appeal in Clinton County Court.

Earlier, David Chad Baker, of Clinton, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation by a school employee. On Sept. 1, Baker was sentenced to a total of up to 10 years – up to five years for each count.

Before his sentencing, Baker received three letters of support from different people. Two – including one from a supporter who became an Eagle Scout under Baker’s supervision – mention Baker’s work as a Scoutmaster.

Court records say Baker also was ordered to pay $1,025 on each count. The sentences will run consecutively – one after another, court records say. He will receive credit for time served in Clinton County Jail in connection with the case.

“The Court makes no recommendation as to when the defendant shall be released from incarceration, leaving it to the Department of Corrections to determine based on (his) progress at the institution,” according to court documents.

Baker filed a notice of appeal Sept. 23, according to Clinton County Court records.

David Chad Baker (contributed photo)

Two victims

On March 12, 2020, a parent of a 17-year-old Clinton High School student contacted a school resource officer.

The parent told him Baker, a substitute (para) teacher at Clinton High School, contacted her juvenile child in an inappropriate way, and that Baker sent naked pictures of himself to the student a few months prior, arrest affidavits say.

According to affidavits, Baker told the officer he had contact with the student on Grindr in December of 2019. Baker said there was a conversation between him and the student on the site. Baker said he sent nude pictures of himself to the student through Grindr. Baker said he found out that the student was under 18 and stopped contact.

Baker said he liked a few of the 17-year-old student’s Instagram posts after the initial contact. Baker stated he never had direct contact with the student. The student told the officer he gave a false age on Grindr, according to affidavits.

Baker said he began working as a para-educator at CHS in December of 2019. Baker said he subbed for a gym class in December of 2019 when he saw the student in the gymnasium.

Arrest affidavits say that on Aug. 14, 2020, a school resource officer had contact with a 14-year-old Clinton High School student (Victim 2) “who had inappropriate contact with David Baker while Baker was an employee of the school.”

According to affidavits, Victim 2 said Baker began contact around the end of November of 2019 after having contact on the website Grindr. Victim 2 said nude photos had been exchanged between the two. Victim 2 said contact continued with Baker through Snapchat. Victim 2 said Baker provided the student with a prepaid phone to continue contact.

Victim 2 said Baker brought the phone to the school for usage during a CHS event. A check of messages on the phone showed conversations between Victim 2 and a phone number known to be Baker’s that began on Feb. 18, 2020, affidavits say.

Baker sexually assaulted the student multiple times, police say in arrest affidavits.

Baker told police he got on Grindr while working in St. Louis, Missouri, as a barge captain.