It was just a few days before Thanksgiving in 2015.

Witnesses told law enforcement they saw a truck running on the Route 84 bridge that Saturday, Nov. 21, on the Rock Island/Henry County line just outside of Colona, Ill.

The truck was Timothy Campbell’s. It was found abandoned about 8:30 that morning.

But Timothy? He was nowhere to be found.

Veteran crime reporter Linda Cook continues to bring awareness to cases of missing people in our Vanished QC: The Missing series that continues today with Timothy Campbell, of Alpha.

Timothy Campbell abandoned his truck along Route 84 and the Rock River Bridge in Colona that morning. Henry County Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Josh Verscheure says the case remains open.

“The truck was parked right on the Rock River Bridge,” Verscheure told Local 4 News.

Timothy Campbell is described as 5’10”, weighing 185 pounds, with grayish, balding hair and a beard or goatee.

Timothy Campbell (courtesy of Quad Cities Missing Persons Network.)

Officers found the truck running, and no one was around, Verscheure told Local 4 News.

The next day, on Nov. 22, Timothy Campbell was reported to be missing.

The Colona Fire Department and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources checked the river, with Moline and Coal Valley fire departments assisting in the river search.

At one point, a passerby had seen someone standing by the bridge, so it was believed Campbell might have jumped or taken off. But no remains ever have been found, and no note of any kind was left behind, Verscheure said.

The case remains open. Law enforcement tried to research Timothy’s cell-phone records, “but that didn’t give us any useful information,” Verscheure said.

“We don’t have anything that leads us to believe foul play was involved,” Verscheure said. Although he is missing, and assumed deceased, no one knows where Timothy Campbell is to this day.

Timothy Campbell was 60 in 2015 when he went missing.

All he left behind was his family and friends, who wonder to this day what happened to him.

“We’re trying to make sense of the senseless,” said Verscheure, who remembers being on patrol in the area and wondering what happened.

“I wish we had an answer for his family,” Verscheure said.

If you can help bring closure to Timothy Campbell’s case in any way, with a memory or a tip, call the Henry County Sheriff’s Office at 309-937-3911.