In a recent report on holiday burglaries, Illinois came out as the #3 state most likely to experience burglaries during the holiday season versus any other time of year, according to a news release. Check out the report here.
Key findings:

  • 83,000 burglaries occurred during the holiday period last year
  • Crimes during holidays account for 8.1% of all crimes committed throughout the year
  • An estimated $130.5 million in value was lost to holiday burglaries in 2021
  • The average dollar amount for a holiday burglary is $2,891 – 5% higher than the average on other days ($2,740)
  • Jewelry, computers and furs are about 10% more likely to be stolen during the holiday season than during other times of the year
  • Las Vegas, Nevada sees the nation’s costliest holiday burglaries with each taking an estimated $9,165 in stolen property
  • Holiday burglaries bottom out most in New Mexico, where they are 76% less likely to occur during the festive season.


  • All crime statistics were taken from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Data Explorer. For metros in Florida, because of low rates of participation in the federal crime statistics, burglary statistics were sourced from crime statistics produced by their local police forces.
  • All analyses and charts are based on residential burglaries only. All burglaries taking place in the month of December were deemed “holiday burglaries.”