Murder charges have been reinstated against a 51-year-old Maquon, Ill., woman accused of hiding a corpse in a storage unit,, according to a news release from Knox County State’s Attorney Jeremy S. Karlin.

The Fourth District Illinois Appellate Court issued a ruling Tuesday reinstating first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and aggravated-battery charges against Marcy L. Oglesby, according to the release.

Marcy Oglesby (Knox County Sheriff’s Department)

“As a result, the Knox County State;s Attorney’s Office may proceed in its prosecution of Oglesby for allegedly committing these offense,” the release says.

A body discovered in a storage unit

On Oct. 7, 2022, the remains of Richard Young were found in a storage unit in Maquon. The State’s Attorney’s Office then filed charges of concealment of a non-homicidal death against Oglesby.

Knox County Sheriff’s Department Detective Jeremy Moore earlier testified that the body was identified as Richard Young, a former Maquon police chief who had been in a relationship with Oglesby.

The release says that, after additional investigation in February 2023, the State’s Attorney’s Office added the murder and battery charges.

In March 2023, the defense counsel filed a motion to dismiss the additional charges on speedy-trial grounds, claiming that the prosecution was not brought within the required 120 days. The compulsory joinder rule requires the state to prosecute at the same time and within 120 days charges that were known to the state and were a part of the same act.

Knox County Circuit Judge Andrew Doyle granted Oglesby’s motion to dismiss on the grounds that he believed the compulsory joinder rule required the state to bring all the charges at the beginning and that the 120-day rule was violated. The State’s Attorney’s Office immediately appealed, the release says.

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Knox County State’s Attorney Jeremy Karlin (contributed photo)

The appellate court ruled that the other court erred when it dismissed the case, saying that because the concealment of a non-homicidal death and the murder charges were not part of the same act or action by Oglesby, charges were not required to be filed at the same time.

“Specifically, Oglesby’s alleged poisoning of Richard Young was an entirely different act than hiding his remains in a storage unit,” the release says. “Therefore, compulsory joinder did not apply and Oglesby’s speedy trial rights were not violated.”

A pretrial hearing is set for Jan. 8, 2024, in Knox County Court. Oglesby remains out of custody on pretrial release.