(WHBF) — A 22-year-old Moline man convicted in connection with vandalism at Moline High has been sentenced to “second-chance” probation.

Steven Anderson was sentenced Tuesday in Rock Island County Court, according to court records.

Steven Anderson (photo: Moline Police Department)

Earlier, Anderson was found guilty after he pleaded guilty to criminal damage to government-supported property, a Class 3 felony. A burglary charge was dismissed.

The incident

On Aug. 29, just before 1 a.m., the Moline Police Department and Moline Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at Moline High School, 3600 Avenue of the Cities. Upon arrival, officers determined that the building had been burglarized by unauthorized entry and some areas of the school sustained criminal damage to property.

School officials were notified, and multiple staff members responded to mitigate the damage before the start of school. The school day was not impacted, and students arrived as scheduled.

None of the three suspects were current students at the school, but did have previous enrollment in the district, police alleged. The three suspects caused significant damage to school property, including the discharge of fire extinguishers, flipping tables, breaking televisions, and damaging other electronic devices, according to police.

A 17-year-old girl also was in custody after the incident, and was detained by Juvenile Court Services. Officials will release no other information about her, according to police.

Earlier, Joseph Anderson, 23, was charged with burglary and criminal damage to property. Rock Island County Court records involving Joseph Anderson in this case have been marked as “sealed.”

Second-chance probation

Second-chance probation is an Illinois sentence that allows certain people to a clear a conviction from their record after they have served at least two years of probation. People who previously have been convicted of a felony offense are not eligible for this kind of sentence.