Davenport Police and Scott County Deputies visited Credit Island, Davenport, on Thursday to practice maneuvers with their squad cars.

Officers focused on high-risk vehicle stops, pursuit driving, high-speed vehicle driving and various driving techniques.

Michael Frachalla, of Local 4 News, rode along in a squad car during high-speed chase training.

Besides dealing with the bumps and fast turns, the training better prepares the officers for any situation thrown their way. The precision and pursuit training also ensures the safety of officers and the people they encounter, said Davenport Police Sgt. Kris Mayer.

“As far as our training within the police department, whether it’s driving training or elsewhere, it’s not only in the performance of our duties. but in the service to our community,” Mayer told Local 4 News. “The last thing anybody wants is an innocent person getting hurt, at any time, for anything, and that’s why we do the training that we do to try and prevent that the best that we can.”

The Davenport Police Department has 80 annual hours of training, far beyond the state requirement, Mayer told Local 4 News.   

“It was all about precision and pursuit – all training to ensure the safety of not only the officers, but the people they chase and encounter as well,” Mayer said.