A 41-year-old Lost Nation man faces a felony charge after police allege he sexually abused a 13-year-old girl in 2019.

Christopher Postell, who was arrested on a warrant, faces a felony charge of third-degree sexual abuse, court records show.

Christopher Postell (photo from Clinton County Jail inmate listing.)

A girl reported to law enforcement Postell sexually assaulted her in the fall of 2019 when she was 13, arrest affidavits say. The girl had not spoken to anyone about the sexual assault until March of 2021, when she talked to her mother.

A counselor at the Child Protective Center interviewed the girl about the day of the assault. The girl said she, her mother and Postell planned to go shopping at Walmart in Clinton, then stop at a friend’s business in Camanche, affidavits say.

Postell and the girl left without the girl’s mother. In an interview, Postell said he was arguing with the girl’s mother, so he and the girl let without her. Also in an interview, the mother said she thought it was strange Postell and the girl left without her, affidavits say.

While the girl and Postell were in the vehicle going to Clinton, Postell told the girl he would like to rub her feet, and that he would pay her to let him rub her feet, affidavits say.

The girl said Postell had previously talked to her about her pretty feet and she should not hide them, which made her uncomfortable. She did not share her concerns with her mother until later, affidavits say.

The girl told the interviewer at CPC that Postell drove to a field south of Lake Malone, and they parked in the field. She described the field as harvested, with bales of hay and trees around the property, affidavits say.

Postell had the girl get out of the vehicle, and they walked to a bale of hay. The girl talked about Postell walking behind her, making her feel like he was watching her walk. The girl felt like she could not run away because Postell would catch her, affidavits say.

Next, Postell had the girl sit on the bale and face him as he pulled her clothing off her, and he proceeded to sexually abuse her, affidavits say.

Postell, in an interview, said he drove past farmland south of Lake Malone so he could show the girl the property, affidavits say.

The girl spoke about the drive to Clinton after they were at the farm property. Postell continued to place his hand on the girl’s leg, and she would move away, affidavits say.

Meanwhile, the girl’s mother said, she called the cell phones of both the girl and Postell, and no one answered, affidavits say.

The girl’s phone worked on Wi-Fi, and the phone didn’t have a cellular connection. When the girl and Postell were at Walmart, the girl’s phone connected to Wi-Fi, which allowed her mother’s phone call to go through and she spoke to the girl, affidavits say.

The girl did not tell her mother about the sexual assault at the time, affidavits say.

After shopping at Walmart, Postell and the girl drove to Camanche to see his friend at the friend’s shop. Postell’s friend was not at the shop when they arrived, and they waited in the vehicle for the friend. While waiting, Postell continued to put his hand on the girl’s leg. She would lean away from Postell, trying to avoid him touching her, affidavits say.

When the friend arrived, Postell stopped touching the girl’s leg, affidavits say.

In the meantime, the girl’s mother knew where Postell and the girl were going, and she drove from Lost Nation to the shop in Camanche to pick up the girl. When she picked up her daughter, the mother suspected something was wrong with her, but the girl said nothing happened, affidavits say.

Later on, the girl’s mother found a nude video on Postell’s phone of himself in the shower. The mother watched the video of Postell saying “What are you shy about?” affidavits say.

The mother saved a copy of the video, which she shared with law enforcement. When the daughter told her mother about the sexual assault, the girl talked about Postell sending a video of him in the shower, which was around the time of the sexual assault, affidavits say.

Sometime after the mother confronted Postell about the nude shower video of himself, the mother talked about Postell taking the girl’s cell phone and smashing it with a hammer for no reason. The girls’ phone “at the time likely contained evidence of a sexual assault,” affidavits say.

Postell, who is being held on a cash-only $10,000 bond in Clinton County Jail, is scheduled to appear Aug. 9 in Clinton County Court.