A 36-year-old Muscatine woman is behind bars after police allege she put merchandise in a tote and paid only for the bag at the Bettendorf Home Depot checkout

Katie King faces felony charges of controlled substance violation and failure to affix a drug tax stamp, along with an aggravated misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance – second office, court records say.

Shortly after 4:15 p.m. Saturday, police say, King was shopping at The Home Depot, 920 Middle Road, Bettendorf. Asset protection staff noticed King because of “suspicious behavior,” arrest affidavits say.

Katie Jean King (photo from Scott County Jail inmate listing.)

King collected merchandise from the store, including an M18 5-Tool Combo Kit, a M18 Compact
Inverter w/Battery, an ID camera DFT Imitation Dome Security Camera, M18 8/3 2 pack (battery), a Blink Mini Black Camera, and pliers, worth a total of $781.89, according to affidavits.

She then placed the merchandise inside a large back storage tote, scanned the tote at the self-checkout station, and did not scan any merchandise inside the tote, affidavits say.

After she finished her transaction, according to affidavits, she left the store, and was confronted by asset protection and law enforcement.

According to affidavits, a search warrant was acquired for a suspect vehicle – a 2015 Subaru Forester. The execution of the search warrant yielded:

  • about 8.04g of methamphetamine
  • .91 grams of cocaine
  • six hypodermic syringes
  • plastic baggies
  • a plastic straw/spoon
  • a razor blade used to separate narcotics
  • a glass smoking device coated with methamphetamine residue.

During an interview, King said she was the primary user of the vehicle, and admitted to using meth and cocaine in the past. King said she did not believe the other person with her during the incident used narcotics, and that King hid her narcotics use from that person, according to affidavits.

King is being held on a total of $12,000 bond in Scott County Jail. She is set to appear for a preliminary hearing Nov. 18 in Scott County Court.