A 36-year-old Bettendorf man faces multiple charges after police say he threatened officers and jail staff after he had open containers of alcohol in his vehicle.

Joseph Hildebrant faces a felony charge of operating under the influence, an aggravated misdemeanor charge of driving while barred, and serious misdemeanor charges of driving while his license was revoked and eluding, court records say.

Joseph Hildebrant (photo from Scott County Jail inmate listing.)

Shortly before 1:15 a.m. Sunday, officers saw Hildebrant drive through a red light at 18th and State streets. Hildebrant turned north from 18th Street and State Street and again failed to obey a steady red light at 18th and Grant Streets, arrest affidavits say.

Hildebrant then began to travel “at a high rate of speed” away from the intersection northbound on 18th Street. At the intersection of 18th Street and Central Avenue, he turned east onto Central Avenue and continued at a high rate of speed, affidavits say.

According to arrest affidavits, he then turned east on Central Avenue and continued at a high rate of speed. Officers activated their lights and siren in about the 2000 block of Central Avenue, and Hildebrant showed down but didn’t stop. He did stop for a stop sign but kept going.

He then turned north onto 26th Street and came to a stop on the 1100 block of 26th Street. He got out of the Chevy Suburban and removed his keys,, according to affidavits.

Affidavits say Hildebrant’s eyes “appeared bloodshot, watery and droopy.” When asked if he had been drinking, he said yes, and that he was coming from a bar called the “Boat O.”

Several times, he told officers “I’m drunk” with slow, slurred speech, affidavits say. Officers, who could smell alcohol on his breath, asked whether he would consent to a Standardized Field Sobriety Test, to which he answered “I’m drunk.” He refused to answer yes or no to the question after being asked several times, affidavits say.

He “then raised himself from leaning on a squad, widening his stance and becoming confrontational as he did. The Defendant was then asked to turn around and face the vehicle. Officers grabbed his left hand
and the defendant braced himself against the squad with his right. Officers then gave commands and attempted to place his right hand behind his back for handcuffing,” according to affidavits.

It took three officers to restrain him while he actively resisted being handcuffed, affidavits say. “He was then led to the rear of a squad and placed inside, actively resisting throughout the movement as well.”

In the SUV, officers saw a bottle of margarita mix containing alcohol behind the driver’s seat, and an open beer was visible in the rear-passenger pocket attached to the front passenger seat. Both were taken as evidence. When asked about the open containers, Hildebrant said “I’m being honest. I had an open container. I was drinking beer.” according to affidavits.

Officers read Hildebrant his Miranda Rights and transported him to Scott County Jail. On the way, he “continued to be verbally confrontational with the officers,” affidavits say, and made several threats. including a threat to “smack (an officer) up.”

Once at the jail, Hildebrant was met by jail staff and immediately became confrontational with them as well. He had to be restrained and led by three correctional officers at all times. Because of his “aggressive and confrontational behavior” he was placed into a cell immediately after being cleared by jail staff, affidavits say.

Hildebrant made several attempts to grab an officer through a gap in a door that was opened for him to hear the officer.

Hildebrant is barred from driving for being a habitual offender until April 25, 2023, and revoked for operating while intoxicated until March 17, 2026. Affidavits say his criminal history includes three previous OWI convictions from 2015, 2018 and 2020.

Hildebrant, who was released on bond from Scott County Jail, is set for arraignment on Sept. 29 in Scott County Court.