A 34-year-old Moline caretaker who, police say, used a victim’s credit card to buy about $7,000 of purchases faces multiple felony charges.

Quanitra Light faces felony charges of second-degree theft; unauthorized use of a credit card over $1,500 and under $10,000; and dependent adult abuse – exploitation over $100, court records say.

Police: Suspect put about $7,000 of purchases on victim’s credit card

On Tuesday, May 31, Davenport Police Detectives were made aware of an ongoing incident that began on Jan. 20 and continued through May 18, until it was reported, arrest affidavits say.

Light is a caretaker for REM Iowa in Scott County, affidavits say. REM Iowa provides programs and services for adults and children with intellectual and development disabilities as well as brain injuries, according to the organization’s website.

Light cared for the victim beginning July of 2021 in Davenport, affidavits say.

Light had the victim’s credit card when she was not authorized to use it. She used it to buy property valued at more than $1,500 but not in excess of $10,000, “knowing that she did not have authorization to use it in those ways,” affidavits say.

Light went to several places in both Illinois and Iowa and used the credit card for about $7,000, affidavits say.

Without permission, Light made several personal transactions “that were outside of her scope and for personal use” at several places including “grocery stores, jewelry stores, beauty stores, wig stores, pampering stores, and athletic stores,” affidavits say.

The victim did not have any of the items purchased in her possession, affidavits say.

Light, “a caretaker of an individual incapable of caring for herself,” committed adult abuse by exploiting her by using the victim’s credit card without permission “and making several transactions for personal gain,” using the credit card without the victim present and without authorization, affidavits say.

Light, who is set to appear in Scott County Court Wednesday after she was released on bond, also signed for some of the transactions using her own personal name under the victim’s credit card.

Court records list video footage and receipts as evidence.