A Davenport man is behind bars after police say officers found a gun and packaged marijuana in his home after he assaulted a woman early Sunday.

Derron Williams, 29, faces felony charges of felon in possession of a firearm and controlled substance violation, and a serious misdemeanor charge of domestic assault, court records say.

Shortly before 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Davenport Police were dispatched to the 1600 block of West 4th Street for a disturbance, affidavits say.

Police say Williams assaulted a victim by punching her in the left ear and throwing her down in the middle of the street, leaving the victim with redness on the ear and fresh scrapes from the street on her right elbow. The victim asked for a protection order, affidavits say.

Williams asked officers to search the house for his cell phone prior to being taken to jail. While searching for the cell phone, officers saw a small plastic bag with about .6 grams of marijuana in a drawstring bag in the living room on the floor. The bag had several clothing items in it, affidavits say.

Officers also saw a small amount – about .15 grams of marijuana – spread across the dresser in the bedroom on the south wall with a clear plastic bag lying next to it. Officers stopped searching and asked both the victim and Williams for consent to search the rest of the residence and both parties consented, affidavits say.

Police also found a black .9 mm Hi-Point gun in the living room. The victim said the firearm belonged to Williams and that she had seen him with it several times, affidavits say .

A K9 unit was deployed to conduct a free air sniff of a gray Chevy Malibu registered to Williams in the rear of the residence and positively alerted to the front driver’s door, affidavits say.

Officers located a clear plastic bag similar to the packaging found under the bed containing 3.45 grams of marijuana in the center console of the Malibu. Officers also found the defendant’s ID in the Malibu, affidavits say.

While searching the residence, police found a large clear plastic bag bag with several (more than 10) small clear plastic bags inside of it and a functioning black digital scale with marijuana residue inside of it. This was lying on the east side of the bed tucked under the mattress, affidavits say.

Williams had $269 in cash in small denominations on his person. “The combination of the marijuana, packaging, a digital scale to weigh the marijuana, and cash indicate the defendant is selling the marijuana,” affidavits say.

Williams has a prior felony conviction for delivery of cannabis out of Chicago, affidavits say.

He is being held on $11,000 bond in Scott County Jail, and is set for a preliminary hearing on June 8 in Scott County Court.