A 31-year-old Rock Island man is behind bars after police say he stabbed one person and, with a co-defendant, held a woman against her will in a truck.

Corey Strang faces a felony charge of second-degree kidnapping – armed with a dangerous weapon, court records say.

Shortly after 9 a.m. Monday, a victim reported to Davenport Police that a home invasion occurred on the 1500 block of Bridge Avenue, Davenport, an arrest affidavit says.

Strang, the affidavit says, committed a burglary and attacked a man with an edged weapon, stabbing him multiple times.

According to affidavits, Strang and a co-defendant then forced a woman victim downstairs. The co-defendant grabbed her by her hair and forced her into a pickup truck. She was forced into the back seat and could not get out without Strang opening the door for her.

“The defendants refused to let the victim go,” affidavits say. Strang “did not let the victim go until hours later when they tasked her with getting her roommate, the one previously stabbed, to leave the residence.”

During the victim’s time in captivity in Strang’s truck, he told her he had a “.45” in the truck, alluding to a gun, affidavits say.

He was being held Tuesday without bond in Scott County Jail, and is set for a preliminary hearing Sept. 23 in Scott County Court.

Second-degree kidnapping is a Class B felony with a sentence up to 25 years.