A 22-year-old Davenport man faces a felony charge after police say he took a gun from a bag and pointed it at a victim on Saturday.

Nehemiah Wells-Luten faces a felony charge of control of a firearm by a domestic-abuse offender and an aggravated misdemeanor charge of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, court records say.

Nehemiah Wells-Luten (photo from Scott County Jail inmate listing.)

About 7 p.m. Saturday, Davenport Officers responded to the 5300 block of Elmore Circle, Davenport, after a report of a person pointing a gun at someone, according to arrest affidavits.

Witnesses saw Wells-Luten, who also was recorded on camera, approach a victim while displaying a gun. He pulled out a firearm from the bag he was carrying and displayed it while yelling at the victim, arrest affidavits say.

According to arrest affidavits, the victim feared for his life and safety while Wells-Luten brandished the firearm. He pointed it at the ground while he yelled at the victim.

Affidavits say police asked Wells-Luten to put his arms behind his back, but he tensed up his arms and refused to let officers place his arms behind his back. He was told to get on the ground, and refused.

Officers then placed him onto the ground so he could be handcuffed, affidavits say.

Wells-Luten “was observed by officers to be in possession of a white handbag, which contained a firearm inside.” Officers took the gun off Wells-Luten, affidavits say.

Wells-Luten previously was charged as a juvenile in 2016 for robbery and domestic abuse, affidavits say. He is being held on $7,000 cash-only bond in Scott County Jail. His preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 12 in Scott County Court.