Officers used a Taser on a  33-year-old suspect who had a knife early Saturday outside a downtown Davenport bar.

Dietrich Wilmington, of Davenport, faces felony charges of interference with official acts – dangerous weapon, going armed with intent and willful injury – causing bodily injury; as well as aggravated misdemeanor charges of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, according to court records.

Dietrich Wilimington (photo from Scott County Jail inmate listing.)

Shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday, Davenport Police responded to Armored Gardens, 315 Pershing Ave., Davenport, for a report of a man waving a knife around, arrest affidavits say.

Wilmington was outside. He “armed himself with a knife with the intent to cause harm to others,” affidavits say.

He made several threats toward multiple people outside the bar while he was armed with the knife. He intentionally swung the knife at two people and cut one of their shirts, affidavits say.

This “caused the victims to fear potential bodily harm from the knife.” One of the victims went back into the bar and shut the door, not allowing Wilmington back in. He then tried to open the door while he had the  knife in his hand, affidavits say.

A third person tried to intervene when Wilmington made threats toward him as well. He eventually swung the knife at the victim and left a large laceration on his left shoulder. The victim also suffered a small laceration on one of his fingers, affidavits say.

The victim required several stitches to both wounds. When officers arrived, they told Wilmington to stop and drop the knife. After an officer told him a second time to drop the knife, he finally did, leaving the knife at his feet, affidavits say.

The officer told Wilmington to lie on the ground, but he refused. He then told Wilmington to move away from the nearby vicinity of the knife, but he continued to refuse, affidavits say.

After Wilmington continued to refuse to cooperate, officers eventually used a Taser on him and took him into custody, affidavits say.

Wilmington is being held on $20,000 bond in Scott County Jail, and is set for a preliminary hearing Aug. 23 in Scott County Court.