A 45-year-old Pleasant Valley man convicted on two charges of involuntary manslaughter in a fatal boating crash will be sentenced in August.

James Thiel Sr. will be sentenced for the aggravated misdemeanor charges on Aug. 13 in Scott County Court, court documents say.

A jury earlier convicted Thiel of the charges – each of which could bring up to two years in prison – for unintentionally causing the deaths of Craig Verbeke, 61, and Dr. Anita Pinc, 52.

Craig Verbeke (left), 61, and Anita Pinc, 52, were killed in a boating crash on the Mississippi River on August 16, 2020.

The prosecution and the defense in the trial of 45-year-old Thiel gave closing arguments April 21 in the trial in which Thiel faced charges for the unintentional deaths of Verbeke and Pinc.