He didn’t always make sense, and he used methamphetamine.

That’s what witnesses said Tuesday in the trial of a 54-year-old son accused of killing his 77-year-old mother in February of 2021.  

Only 11 people were in attendance Tuesday in the Scott County Courtroom where Andrew Rupp, with his attorney, appeared during testimony at a bench trial. In a jury trial, the jury makes the decision whether to convict a defendant; in a bench trial, the judge makes the decision.

Andrew Rupp Sr. (photo from Scott County ihmate listing.)

Various witnesses continued to take the stand to testify about what they knew about Rupp, his behavior and his relationship with his mother, Dianne Rupp, was the proprietor of Mama Bahama’s, one of the longest-running stores inside of NorthPark Mall, Davenport.

Todd Green, who had worked with Andrew Rupp a few times, testified Andrew Rupp didn’t always make sense. Once he told Green he “knew where the secret button was for the truck to make it into a space shuttle.”

He said the mother and son argued frequently, and that at one point in January Andrew Rupp was “screaming in his mom’s face. He threatened to smother her with a pillow.”

Most of the arguments, Green said, were about money.

Another witness who took the stand said he and Andrew Rupp had done meth together.

The trial continues Wednesday in Scott County Court.

The loss of a beloved member of the community

The crime shocked the Quad-City community after police arrested Andrew Rupp, who remains held in Scott County Jail on $500,000 bond to face charges including murder an aggravated misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance – second offense.

Police found Dianne Rupp dead in an apartment on West Central Park Avenue.

Our Local 4 News crew watched police investigate after a friend called officers to the scene because they were concerned about her welfare when they were unable to reach her.

When they tried to arrest Rupp, he resisted and refused to place his hands behind his back, police said. Police say he had a bag of methamphetamine on him and admitted to using the drug.

A friend remembers

“It’s seriously tragic that this has happened,” said Andrew Kieffert, a close friend of Diane Rupp. On Tuesday, Kieffert got a call from Mama Bahama’s, the store Rupp owned at NorthPark Mall. He could immediately sense something was wrong.

“We were trying to get ahold of Dianne, which they knew was unusual,” Kieffert said. Because if you don’t get at least one phone call from Dianne in the morning when the store opens, something’s up.”

Things started to get even more peculiar once an employee went over to Rupp’s apartment.

“He was denied access in being able to talk to her and so I said, because of the situation that was going on, somebody should call and do a welfare check,” Kieffert said.

After that, police found Rupp dead inside her apartment.

“It was just, ‘Wow… is this happening? I can’t believe it,’” said Kieffert, who added Dianne Rupp was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed.

She was “very gregarious,” Kieffert said. “She cared about everybody.”