A 20-year-old man who worked at a plant in Muscatine vanished in November after he left work one night.

Detective Adam Raisbeck and Assistant Chief Steve Snider with Muscatine Police Department told Local 4 News the case remains open.

Kokouvi Olaki disappeared in November 2021, when he walked away from his job at HNI and has not been seen since.

He weighs about 160 pounds, and is 5’9” with black hair and brown eyes.

His English is limited, police told Local 4 News. He is from Togo, a country in West Africa, and speaks French.

His roommate, Koffi Koumondji, says Kokouvi came to Muscatine through a program for immigrants.

He has no family in the area, Koffi told Local 4 News. Koffi, an over-the-road truck driver, said Kokouvi does not want to be around other people, and likes to be left alone. He wonders whether he might have been depressed for some time.

At one point, Kokouvi told Koffi he was “tired of life.” Koffi considered sending him back to Togo. “He was not reasoning correctly,” Koffi told Local 4 News.

Koffi remembers on Saturday, Nov. 13, he thought his roommate was at work, and waited for him to come home. When he didn’t show up, “I was scared. I didn’t sleep,” Koffi said.

“I went straight to the police to tell them I think my friend is missing,” he said. He drove all over Muscatine to look for him. He called and called Kokouvi’s phone, but he never answered.

Later, he spoke to Kokouvi’s brother in Togo, who was surprised to hear of Kokouvi’s disappearance.

Additionally, police said there’s a possibility of “a difference of opinion in his workplace about the (COVID-19) vaccine.”

They have little to go on, but they do know he left work that night. “We knew it was him because we have the interior footage from HNI,” Snider said.

He lived within walking distance of his workplace. Video footage shows Kokouvi made it to the front door of the building where he lived.

“We certainly would like to account for him,” Raisbeck said.

If anyone has any tips that can help police, call the Muscatine Police Department 563-263-9922. Also, Koffi would appreciate a text from anyone with information at 708-402-0822.