A Davenport man who relied on a scooter to run errands had it stolen, he reported to Davenport Police. Someone took it from the back of his truck, and the act was caught on camera.

In the video, you can see the scooter being removed from Lavon Daniels’ truck.

He had the scooter for about a year, only to have stolen two weeks ago.

“It took me just under two years to buy that scooter,” he told Our Quad Cities News. “I saved up forever, it felt like. And when I got it, I was just like ‘Yes! I’m going to be able to go do crap that I need to.'”

Now he’s missing his transportation. Daniels has a tough time walking after experiencing complications from cancer. He’s now asking for help through a GoFundMe, which you can visit here.

“I really would like some support,” he said. “I can’t get another one by myself. It’s too hard, with all my bills, and I just can’t do anything else anymore.”