With the Cubs appearing in their first World Series in 71 years, Quad Cities fans are celebrating a tradition. 

“Everywhere you go, no matter where the Cubs are playing, there’s always Cubs fans,” said Cubs fan Kris Hisey. “Like us or not, we’re everywhere.”

Those Cubs fans are well known through the MLB for their undying loyalty. 108 years without a World Series Championship and those fans have been through it all. The Cubs are in the middle of their first go since 1945, and for some it’s been a long time coming. 

“When my wife and I got married we moved to Chicago and that’s where I got started with the Cubs,” said 105-year-old Cubs fan Ray Styrlund. “And that’s been, it must be 77 years since I started with the Cubs.”

While Ray has been a Cubs fan for the majority of his 105 years, it hasn’t been that long for some. An elementary school in Moline had students dress up in their blue and red for the first game. 

“It’s tradition in my family,” said the school custodian Chris Meuser, who also spoke about how wonderful it was to see kids who get the fandom from their parents. “My grandparents, my parents, all my siblings, and it’s run down through my children as well, and my grandchildren. It’s a tradition.”

With so much waiting, the fan base in the Quad Cities is getting excited, flooding to televisions for the matchup against the Indians.

“Oh man, I’m just so glad that we made it here. I’m so glad to be here,” said lifelong fan Randy Drowns. “This moment right now is nostalgic. I mean, this is something that everyone is going to remember. Where were you when the Cubs finally made it?”

All hoping that this year, is the year. 

“Out there to all the Cubbie fans, let’s do it,” said Tom Martin. “This one’s for us.”