Customer speaks out after Steak ‘n Shake fight


Nathan King decided to get lunch at Steak ‘n Shake with his two kids, but that lunch is now costing him $3,000 more than expected.

King was at the restaurant on Elmore Avenue when a fight broke out just before 2 p.m. on Monday. 

He says the fight started when a group came into the restaurant and began yelling at a cook. It escalated when one man said to take it outside. That’s when he said a man threw a chair, which bounced off one car and then hit his.

“I thought, ‘Is he really serious? Is he really going to go out there with a chair?’ And sure enough, he went outside,” King said. “Back of my mind, the thing I was really concerned with was my kids were right there.”

King now has four dents on the side of his car and his insurance says it will be a $3,000 claim.

“Since their employees damaged our vehicle, it would be nice if they would pay for it instead of the claim on our insurance,” he said.

King says he’s just glad no one was seriously hurt. Police only reported minor injuries. They also say they are interviewing suspects.

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