A local farm is under scrutiny after dozens of its customers complain about being scammed.
Alexander King Farms is based out of Atkinson, Illinois. The company has local farms raise the animals and then Alexander King sells them. Customers can go online and order a  different cuts of meat to be delivered.
Many are saying after paying hundreds of dollars, they never got their meat.
Right now, the Better Business Bureau of Central Illinois says they have 77 consumer complaints pending against Alexander King Farms. However, the folks who started the “People Against Alexander King Farms” Facebook page say the scope of the problem is much wider.
“I was shocked, absolutely shocked that this was going on in our community,” said Tammy Milem.
Milem and her husband own a farm in Geneseo, Illinois. Last year, they agreed to raise hogs for Alexander King Farms. Soon after, the new hogs started dying.
The Milems found out the hogs from Alexander King Farms were sick. They say the virus is not transmittable to humans, but it killed about 30 of the Alexander King hogs and some of their own. It cost the Milems thousands of dollars.
That’s why Tammy and a few other victims decided to get behind the “People Against Alexander King” Facebook page.
“Watching victim after victim not getting their product, not getting their meat, this is hitting home in a small community of Geneseo, where everybody watches each others back,” said Milem.
Milem says more than 300 people from 21 states have written into the page, telling their stories of being frauded by Alexander King Farms.
The Better Business Bureau of Central Illinois has been getting complaints since last fall, and they say more calls are coming in every day. The BBB is compiling victim information and working with authorities to get to the bottom of the issue. For now, the farm hasn’t been shut down.
“Earlier this week, the company reported to us that they have filed bankruptcy. However, we have not been able to confirm that. Somebody reported yesterday that the company is still actively trying to sell their products,” said Jessica Tharp, Central Illinois Better Business Bureau Vice President.
Local 4 News reached out to Alexander King Farms, but did not receive a response.
“It just breaks my heart to watch all this go down. It just breaks my heart. I would never do this to my customers, never,” said Milem.
If you’ve had similar troubles dealing with Alexander King Farms, the Better Business Bureau says you should file a complaint with them and alert your local authorities.