Davenport City Council approves mayor’s Civil Rights appointees


Davenport has a new Civil Rights Commission in place, at least in the eyes of mayor Frank Klipsch. 

City council unanimously approved his four new appointees tonight.

Last week Klipsch removed Nicole Bribriesco-Ledger, Shylee Garrett, Judy Shawver, and Benjamin Hahn. Now Linda Gilman, Erie Johnson, Michael Liendo and Ruby Mateos will take their place. 
Bribriesco and Garrett have filed appeals for their removal, according to their attorney Mike Meloy. Shawver and Hahn still have until May 15 to do so. 

Some members of the public were not happy with the decision, calling the council “embarrassing.”

Klipsch said it’s time for everyone to move forward.

“I hope that people just give them a chance, the seven people, give them a chance to do the important work of the civil rights commission,” Klipsch said. “His has, really what we’ve been almost forced to do, did not change the Civil Rights Commission ordinance at all.”

The new commission is scheduled to have its first meeting next month. Meloy said the previous members are considering legal action against the city.

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